Finnish Culture Foundation allocates nearly one million euros of grants to Aalto

The grants are allocated to 32 Aalto University applicants and working groups. The largest individual grant is awarded to Professor Matti Liski for his working group that studies the market impacts of the energy transition
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This year 32 people or groups at Aalto University will receive grants from the Finnish Culture Foundation for a total of EUR 941 000. The largest individual grant of EUR 225 000 is awarded to Matti Liski, Professor of Economics at the School of Business, and his working group for the study of the market impacts of the global energy transition.

Kati Miettunen, DSc (Tech.), and her working group receives a grant of EUR 150 000 for the research on coordinating solar energy production and electricity demand with two-sided solar cells suitable for northern conditions.

The Finnish Culture Foundation received 8 800 applications in the October application process, and it will distribute a total of EUR 24 million at its anniversary ceremony on 27 February.

Grants to Aalto University:

School of Business, 3 grants, EUR 283 000

  • MA Tolga Benzer: doctoral dissertation on the impact of religious education on women’s education and labour market outcomes in the Turkish context – EUR 28,000
  • Professor Matti Liski and his working group: research on the market impacts of the global energy transition – EUR 225,000
  • PhD Xun Zhou: post-dissertation research on predicting the development of the Finnish passenger car fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions – EUR 30,000

School of Chemical Engineering, 3 grants, EUR 189 000

  • MSc (Tech.) Mari Piirainen: completing the dissertation on the engineering of N-glycosylation in yeast – EUR 9,000
  • PhD Muhammad Safdar: post-dissertation research on the transformation of carbon dioxide into valuable chemical fuels – EUR 30,000
  • DSc (Tech.) Kati Miettunen and her working group: research on coordinating solar energy production and electricity demand with two-sided solar cells suitable for northern conditions – EUR 150,000

School of Science, 5 grants, EUR 121 000

  • MSc Valentina Candiani: doctoral dissertation on monitoring the human head using electronic impedance tomography to detect cerebral infarction – EUR 26,000
  • MA Rina Ibragimova: doctoral dissertation on customising the surface structure of two-dimensional materials – EUR 26,000
  • DSc Dogu Baran Aydogan: post-dissertation research on novel brain imaging technology in transcranial magnetic stimulation – EUR 30,000
  • MSc (Tech.) Kia Bertula: completing the dissertation on the mechanical properties and applications of agarose and cellulose gels in 3D cell culture – EUR 13,000
  • MSc (Tech.) Aino Tervo: doctoral dissertation on multi-locus magnetic stimulation of the brain – EUR 26,000

School of Electrical Engineering, 1 grant, EUR 13 000

  • MSc (Tech.) Irene Björklund: doctoral dissertation on NLS1 galaxies – EUR 13,000

School of Arts, Design and Architecture, 20 grants, EUR 335 000

  • BA (Art and Design) Jim Bergström: the implementation of a men’s clothing collection as a thesis project – EUR 3,000
  • Student of art and design Alexandra Hellberg: the implementation of a clothing and textile collection as a thesis project – EUR 2,000
  • BA (Social Science) Jenni Toivonen: the implementation of a documentary-artistic image series as a thesis project in Brazil – EUR 2,000
  • Student of art and design Konsta Verta and his working group: the post-production costs of a short film implemented as a thesis project – EUR 5,000
  • MSc (LandArch) Jari Aaltonen: completing the dissertation on the artistic perspective of built environments – EUR 26,000
  • DSc (Tech) Laura Berger, MSc (Arch) Kristo Vesikansa and MSc (Arch) Philip Tidwell: implementing the publication on wooden standardised buildings as a Finnish export product – EUR 22,000
  • MSc Najmeh Motalaei: dissertation on the impact of public art on the quality of modern urban areas, first year grant of the four-year funding – EUR 26,000
  • MSc Helena Sandman: doctoral dissertation on empathy in architecture – EUR 25,000
  • MA (Art and Design) Freja Bäckman: organisation of an exhibition – EUR 10,000
  • MA Andrea Coyotzi Borja and MA Farbod Fakharzadeh: artistic work – EUR 42,000
  • MA (Art and Design) Antti Hintsa: organisation of the Kotini on metsä exhibition – EUR 5,000
  • MA (Art and Design) Saija Halko: establishment of a ceramics studio – EUR 10,000
  • Designer Elina Ulvio: exhibition preparations for the Milan Design Week – EUR 22,000
  • MA (Art and Design) Katri Lassila: artistic work in a game art project – EUR 12,000
  • MA (Art and Design) Petri Juntunen: artistic work on exploring the possibilities and forms of photography in virtual reality – EUR 26,000
  • MA (Fine Arts) Hanna Timonen: artistic doctoral thesis on serial photography and works in urban and everyday environments – EUR 26,000
  • DA (Art and Design) Hanna Weselius and her working group: publishing and writing a collection of essays on photography – EUR 6,000
  • MA Heidi Grundström: dissertation on modern film viewing modes – EUR 26,000
  • MA (Art and Design) Annika Sohlman: doctoral dissertation on communication about silence – EUR 26,000
  • SAFA Architect Heidi Turunen: completing the doctoral dissertation on architecture and material research – EUR 13,000
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