Equality questionnaire for students 2016, results published

Aalto University and AYY conducted a questionnaire on equality for students in the autumn 2016.

Questionnaire gathered the students’ perceptions and experiences on equality at Aalto University and Aalto University’s Student Union AYY.

Questions enquired about e.g accessibility and possible experiences of inappropriate treatment in the study environment both within the university and during the leisure time. The majority of respondents regarded Aalto University as accessible and barrier-free. The opportunities for participation in student community activities was regarded as good for the most part. Some differences existed between the Schools. Some differences existed also between the students correlating with the students’ backgrounds.

In total 529 students, representing 37 different nationalities, answered the questionnaire. 85% of the respondents were Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree students and 15% were Doctoral students. Gender division between women and men was quite even among the respondents and the average age was 25,5 years. The data of the questionnaire was analyzed by OTUS association and final report on the results was delivered during December 2016.

The results of the survey were presented in an event held on Thursday 16 February, where the participants also discussed the actions to further develop the activities both at the university and the student union. In addition to the members of Aalto University’s Equality committee (EQU), the event gathered participants from the Schools’ leadership, AYY and student representatives, HR services, Student services, Doctoral programmes, and the School’s EQU task forces. All the discussions and action ideas from the event are acknowledged as part of Aalto’s Equality work.


Summary of the Equality questionnaire report can be downloaded in here:  In EnglishPå svenska / suomeksi


Report itself is only in Finnish. Report can be enquired from the EQU coordinator.


More info on Equality work at Aalto in here: Equality  (


More info:

Jenni Ståhl

EQU coordinator, Secretary of the EQU committee

HR-Coordinator, Work community services

je[email protected]

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