Election of the Academic Affairs Committees – check your voting right

The current term of the Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee and the academic committees of Aalto Schools is ending at the end on 2017.

An election for new members for these committees for the term 2018-2021 will take place in October.

Professors, other teaching and research and other personnel and students will each elect their representatives separately.
-          Professors’ council will elect the professor members.
-          An election be organized for the new representatives of other teaching, research and other personnel
-          Election of student members will be organised by the Student Union.

Check your voting right

Aalto University has published an electoral list on 7 September. The grounds for voting right are determined in the Aalto University Bylaws and the Election regulation and published also on Aalto Inside. A person who considers the electoral register incorrect may send a request for correction no later than Mon 18 September 2017 at 3 p.m.  After amendments, the final electoral list will be published. Those with a voting right may sign up for candidacy and join electoral alliances.


Check your voting right by 18 September at 3 p.m.
Nomination of candidates 1.9.–2.10.
Election 11.10.-17.10.
Election results announced 18.10.

Academic committees decide on important academic matters

The Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee (Akateemisten asiain komitea or AAK in Finnish) is a joint, university-level administrative body with 19 members. It is chaired by President Ilkka Niemelä. The Committee appoints members of the university board and it decides on the university’s curriculum, degree requirements, criteria for student selection and other general rules. It also appoints the required bodies to conduct research and teaching.

Each Aalto school has an Academic Committee. The school committees have been delegated decisions on the selection criteria, degree requirements and curricula for each field of study.

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