EIT Raw Material KAVA calls open until 31 March 2017

EIT Raw Materials provides funding for projects related to the whole value chain in inorganic raw material production and recycling.

Various types of projects can be funded: The biggest share of funding available is allocated to Upscaling projects where already studied processes or products are developed further (form TRL 5 to TRL 7). Upscaling  projects  must  aim  for  market  introduction  and/or  a  commercial  use  within  3  years  (or less)  after  the end of the project. These projects can be up to 3 years and the funding available is 1-10 M€. The funding model is such that the non-EIT/EIT  funding  ratio should be 75/25 and the co-funding contributed  by  the  project  consortium  should  be  a  minimum  of 10-15% (can be in-kind contribution). Further information: Call for KAVA Upscaling projects.

It is also possible to apply funding for educational projects (master and doctoral level as well as for wider society learning). In these projects the funding model is 50/50 for non-EIT/EIT funding ratio, co-funding in encouraged. EIT Raw Materials organizes also networking events. More information about the events and registration links can be found on Inside.

For further information and application templates visit Inside.

Aalto Coordinator of EIT Raw Materials is Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio ([email protected]

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