EIT Digital 2021 Call is open! (submissions until 7 May 2020)

Join us in boosting entrepreneurship and education for a strong digital Europe
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EIT Digital launches the construction of the ‘EIT Digital 2021’ activities and accepts submissions until May 7, 2020. EIT Digital 2021 is aimed at

  • entrepreneurial minds planning to launch a digital tech startup or product (Innovation Factory), 
  • educator minds planning to deliver entrepreneurial digital tech education programmes (Entrepreneurial Academy). 

All proposals must contribute to one of the Strategic areas of EIT Digital:

  • Digital Tech - secure IoT, data sovereignty and Artificial Intelligence based solutions
  • Digital Cities - “city as a data platform” based solutions for sustainable cities
  • Digital Industry - data platform-based sustainable digital industry solutions
  • Digital Wellbeing - solutions for quality of life improvement through sensing and data analysis
  • Digital Finance - sovereign embedded payment solutions in digital finance

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EIT Digital Innovation Factory 

EIT Digital Innovation Factory supports startup creation and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launch 

Startup creation proposal may request:

  • EUR 600k;
  • Time frame for the project is 1 calendar year;
  • consortia typically 2 to 5;
  • the required minimum co-funding is 40%;
  • with the new rule of EIT Digital they request equity from the created startups that will be diluted as most investors are engaged with the startup   

Product launch proposal may request:

  • EUR 400k;
  • Time frame for the project is 1 calendar year;
  • consortia typically 2 to 5;
  • the required minimum co-funding is 40%;
  • with the new rule of EIT Digital they request financial return up until five years after the completion of the activity

EIT Digital Entrepreneurial Academy

This year the focuse is on EIT Digital Master School, EIT Digital Professional School and EIT Digital Summer School

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