Eight new Postdoctoral Researcher and seven Academy Research Fellow posts to Aalto (Academy of Finland - Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering)

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering today decided on funding for 37 new Postdoctoral Researchers and 22 new Academy Research Fellows.

The funding for the Postdoctoral Researchers amounts to some 9.5 million euros and the funding for the Academy Research Fellows to some 9.7 million euros. In addition to salary funding, the Academy Research Fellows will receive funding to cover costs of setting up a research team and other research costs. The funding period starts 1 September 2018.

The funded researchers will explore, for instance, new approaches, methods and materials to advance sustainable development and health technology. Research topics include optically driven smart microrobotics, X-ray musculoskeletal imaging and biomaterials for emerging solar technologies.

Aalto University has received the following posts:

Postdoctoral Researcher, funding 220 000–275 000 euros per person:

Baldi, Francesco, An integrated framework for an energy-efficient control of complex ship systems based on artificial intelligence
Dvorak, Marc, Dynamical configuration interaction
Golze, Dorothea, New frontiers in computational spectroscopy: Advancing the GW method for molecular core excitations
Hirvonen, Juho, Towards a complexity theory of distributed network computing
Kivisaari, Pyry, Towards new nanodevices through diffusion-driven electro-optical transport (NANOSCOPE)
Penttilä, Paavo Aleksi, Understanding the moisture behaviour of wood in nanoscale
Tan, Hongwei, Optoelectronic Synapses for Artificial Neuro Networks
Tao, Jin, Three-dimensional Acoustic Manipulation of Multiple Micro-objects

Academy Research Fellow, funding 438 874 euros per person:

Charalambous, Themistoklis, Co-design of control and communication systems for wireless networked control systems
Hirvijoki, Eero, Structure-preserving Algorithms for Kinetic Simulations of Plasmas
Miettunen, Kati, BioEST - Biomaterials for Emerging Solar Technologies
Peljo, Pekka, Development and in operando characterization of solid redox boosters for high energy density redox flow batteries (redoxSolid Flow)
Qin, Huajun, Active Control of Spin Waves in YIG-based Magnonics
Räsänen, Okko, Computational basis of contextually grounded language acquisition in humans and machines
Timonen, Jaakko, Controlling and Probing Dynamics, Phase Transitions and Collective Behavior of Active Matter with Magnetic Tweezers

Read more about the funding decisions on Academy of Finland website

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