Domain requests will be handled by IT Service desk from 12 December 2016

From 12 December the IT Servicedesk handle the request for new domain addresses.

The client can send a request for an URL or organisation email address to [email protected] 

The request must contain the following information

  • Who is applying for the URL
  • Who is the responsible person for the website (the responsible person must be in possession of a university user ID)
  • For what purpose does the client require the URL
  • On which server the website be hosted on (if not part of the Aalto content management system)
  • Preferred URL of the website
  • Will the website be hosted in the Aalto environment, i.e. will you also be using the Aalto domain name service.

Domain names are granted based on the domain guidelines that Aalto University has agreed on. Before you apply for a domain address, please take a moment to read through the guidelines:

For more information contact [email protected]

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