Discussion on possible 'Aalto Experience Platform' - all interested welcome !

Welcome all on 21 November to discuss a potential ‘Aalto Experience Platform'.

Time: Monday 21 November, at 15.30
Venue: A : space, Otakaari 11, Otaniemi Shopping Mall

Welcome all on 21 November to discuss a potential ‘Aalto Experience Platform'. Please, see below for a sketch of what the Experience Platform could focus on. The event will begin at 15.30 in A : space, Otakaari 11.

People from all over Aalto are more than welcome to join the discussion.

RSVP by 17 November: [email protected]

Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Deans Anna Valtonen and Ingmar Björkman

The ‘Aalto Experience Platform’  sketch

Experience is what happens when people encounter the world around them. As an institution Aalto University is constantly striving to understand both the natural and the social – that which is given to us, and that which we create with and for others. Both worlds meet in our experiences.

The Aalto Experience Platform promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching with a focus on what it means to experience the contemporary and future world driven by technology, design and business.

Topics such as virtual and augmented reality, physical spaces, customer and consumer studies, responsive materials, studies of individual and social learning, design for tourism, scenography, service design and mobile games, and user experience studies are just some of the examples that come to mind.

The possibilities for cooperation and networking are extensive because all services and products are experienced, and researchable both in production and consumption.

The Aalto Experience Platform aims at enhancing our understanding of the world not through the lens of what is technologically or organizationally possible. Rather, we seek to comprehend technology and society through the lens of human experience.

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