Dipoli Newsletter, October 2017

The Dipoli newsletter compiles key matters related to Dipoli work spaces and practices.

The newsletter is sent to those working at Dipoli about once a month, and the content is available to all Aalto people on Inside. Publisher: Aalto Communications.


Welcome to After Work 25 October 15.30
An After Work event for Dipoli staff on Wednesday 25 October begins at Bistro Tenhola at 15.30. Plans are for a pleasant get-together with snacks and a light programme.

The aim is to organise after work events open to all members of the Aalto community once a month, mainly on the last Thursday of each month.


Staff lunch buffet to start at Metso restaurant
The Metso Restaurant is opening a lunch buffet (not supported by Kela) at the beginning of next year primarily for staff use. Metso operates in the evenings as an à la carte restaurant and meals on the menu can be ordered in advance at lunchtime as well.

Two self-service cash registers will be added to the Reima Restaurant to reduce queueing.


Organise your goods at the central storage area on the 1st floor
In order to clean up the central storage area 1.177 in the work café area of the Käpy floor, teams are asked to put the items on the shelves of the storage area into order before the end of October.


Further development of meeting rooms and furnishings
An upgrade of the soundproofing of the Aino & Elissa conference room is under consideration. Orders have been made for curtains to better cover the glass walls of the conference facilities. Room 1.127 on the Käpy floor for ad hoc meetings will also be used as a photography space for Communications.

Please organise internal meetings in internal meeting rooms and your meetings with guests in the meeting rooms of the public zone:

Internal meeting rooms: Brummer, Wirkkala, Paimio, Komppa, Saelan, Järvinen and Ailigas
Meeting rooms for guests: Honko, Valsta, Alma Mater, Poli, Jalanne, Brander, Hauke and Aino&Elissa

ALA architects are currently examining options for curtains also for the windows of the office rooms. Ergonomics training linked with the adjustments of the office chairs is to be arranged for personnel in the autumn.

Locks are expected to be installed on the new lockers on the Kivi and Mänty floors in week 44. The closets of the data security containers in the office space are to be repaired.


Be careful about what you write in the heading of a facility reservation
Digital door displays automatically search for the information on room reservations from the reservation system for facilities. For this reason the heading of the room reservation should not contain any confidential information. Describe the nature of the event in a few words and the name of the person making the reservation - for example, "Weekly project meeting / Möttönen Matti".

Updating the digital guideposts for event and facility information at Dipoli is the responsibility of Facility Sales (Kati Gustafsson and Mirka Elovaara, tilam[email protected]). Please report jammed displays or other display problems to Dipoli's lobby services. Wishes related to the development of the content of the digital guideposts should be addressed to Milla Uusitalo ([email protected] at Aalto CRE. 


Let's develop Dipoli together
You can send feedback concerning the facilities to [email protected]. Persons in charge have also been named for the home bases, and you can send feedback directly to them:

Luolamies: Leena Plym-Rissanen (LSS)
Mänty: Sari Vitikainen (FIS)
Käpy: Minna-Mari Moisio (HR)
Kivi: Antti Laakso (FIS)


Do you need to change your right to access?
If you need changes to your rights to access in Dipoli, please contact Rita Heinrichs ([email protected]). She will provide further information.


Building maintenance is coordinated by Marko Hämäläinen
In matters related to maintenance of the building, the contact person is Property Manager Marko Hämäläinen of ACRE  ([email protected]). However, please note that maintenance requests should still primarily be sent using an Inside form directly to the maintenance personnel.

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