Department of lnformation and Communications Engineering will start at the beginning of 2023

The head of the department is Professor Tapio Lokki
People in Maarintie 8 building hallway.
Photo: Mikko Raskinen/Aalto University

The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics and the Department of Communications and Networking of the School of Electrical Engineering will merge on 1 January 2023. The new name of the department is

Department of lnformation and Communications Engineering (in English)
Informaatio- ja tietoliikennetekniikan laitos (in Finnish)
Institutionen för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (in Swedish)

‘The goal of the department merger is to streamline curriculum planning and implementation in the ICT area at the School of Electrical Engineering and to strengthen the current research co-operation between the departments. The new department will provide students with a solid, clear degree path,’ says Dean Jyri Hämäläinen.

Professor Tapio Lokki / Aalto University / School of Electrical Engineering / Acoustics / Image: Patrik Strenström
Professor Tapio Lokki. Photo: Patrik Strenström

Professor Tapio Lokki, who previously served as the department director of the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, will start as department head. He feels that the merger has many advantages in terms of teaching and research.

'A larger department has better opportunities to maintain research infrastructures and build them in such a way that more people can use them. I hope that the merger will also increase the sense of community among researchers because electrical engineering researchers work in many different buildings around the campus,' says Lokki.

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