CROSSROADS – Transformations on the Road to 2040

A new book discussing how Finland can emerge further from its borders, out into the world at large.

CROSSROADS provides a basis to answer several enduring problems, such as, how to expand the economic base, how to extend partners beyond the EU, and how to defend the nation, given its geographic confines.

Aalto University strategic intelligence and exploration of futures research director Mika Aaltonen and former US intelligence officer Michael Loescher believe that ”opportunity is found through thorough analysis, and that most organizations resist change because, lacking clear data, the internal and national discussions are loaded with rhetoric and opinion.”

CROSSROADS – Transformations on the Road to 2040 speaks to a single fundamental question: ”Can we survive the next 25 years with the present economic, diplomatic and national security policy underpinnings?”

The authors have several objectives in mind:

• To conduct a dialogue across agencies, public and private, to leverage talent, organization, and money.

• To recognize that national economy and national security are linked.

• To introduce a structured, dynamic, and analytic rigor moving past studies and arbitrary scenarios.

"There are number of themes by which the next 25 years can be explored, but the most encompassing is the transformation in global transportation. That will bring the world to us, it will bring great risk and great opportunity, whether we like it or not."

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The Crossroad book is financed by Tekes. You can ask for your own copy from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management: mary-ann.wikstrom @


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