Communications platform renewal progressing

The first Aalto Editors' Days have been held with some 350 participants so far – a huge thank you to all of you for advancing the renewal!

During the days, the and Inside contents have been condensed and edited, ready for the new communications platform in the making. The end result will be a more user-friendly forum for communication and co-operation.

Project proceeding on target

The planning for the new platform has moved on swiftly both technically and from the contents' point of view. The search function has been worked on since last Autumn, in addition to the mapping of what the structure should be like, so that they both serve the University's internal and external audiences.

Parallel to the technical advancement, hundreds of Aalto members, i.e. and Inside content owners, producers and editors, have attended Aalto Editors' Days in Dec-Jan. During the days, we've gone through the existing content, edited it, deleted outdated text, and utilised page-specific Google analytics in this work. We've also mapped out who are our user groups and what their information needs are.

For more information on the Aalto Editors' Days and material, please visit the project's Materials page

Aalto Editor's Days continue

The next events are, as follows:

Aalto Editors’ Day 3, Thu 1 Feb 2018 at 9.00–16.00, Dipoli, Kaleva Hall registration open till 30 Jan at 12 noon

Aalto Editors’ Day 3 Thu 8 Feb 2018 at 9.00–16.00, Dipoli, Kaleva Hall registration open till 6 Feb at 12 noon

More information on Aalto Editors' Days

Have a question about the renewal?

The communications platform renewal has raised questions. Please, have a look at the "Q&A – & Inside renewal" page where you'll find replies to the most commonly posed questions at this stage of the project. The page will be updated, as needed, during the renewal.

The most common question at the moment is: what will the new communications platform look like. As the new platform is being created with the user groups and their information needs in mind, the new visuals and structure will become clear during this Spring. The work will be done with various experts from the Aalto community.

The renewal project takes several years, during which the platform's functionalities and usability will be developed further based on feedback, for instance.

Communications platform renewal part of Aalto-wide digitalization project

There are, at present, tens of ongoing digitalization projects at Aalto that form a digitalization programme. The aim of the programme is that by 2020, Aalto University's services to its user groups in the digital environment will be world-class. The communications platform renewal is a part of this digitalization programme. You can follow this and other projects in the Aalto digital programme at


More information

Robert Salvén
Senior Manager, Digital Communications
Communications Services
[email protected], tel. 050 537 9400

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