Changes to the Approval and Signature Processes in Employment Matters

The President of Aalto University has approved new approval and signature processes for employment matters.

The decision will come into force on November 1st, 2016 and will replace the previous decision from 2011.

According to the Aalto University bylaws one of the duties of the university’s President is to decide on the employment and termination of employment of Aalto University employees. The President may delegate this right to the Dean and the Dean to his/her subordinates. An employment contract can thus only be signed by those who have been delegated this right.

School representatives and other stakeholders were consulted in the preparation of the President’s new decision which enables a wider delegation of approval rights. The approval and signature processes on employment matters will be annually updated to ensure the continuous development of decision making and the digitalization of processes at the University.

Concerning fees, the limits of the approval rights will be set to correspond with the limits set in the cost approval guidelines of purchases so that an employee can be delegated the approval right of fees (commensurate with work performance) for the same amount as their approval right for purchases.

For more information please contact the HR Manager of your school or Joints Units.


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