Change affecting the printing charges

Printing services will move from 1 April 2017 into two different types of charging methods.

Secureprint- multifunction devices will move to user based charging model. Desktop printers and small multifunction devices will remain with the current device specific charging model. With the usage/user based charging model the printing costs are independently from the printers, based on the user information and later targeted to the departments.

Aalto Financial Services approves the Secureprint- multifunction device invoices. Aalto Information Technology Services will provide the print volume reports to the departments and will value and charge the costs as internal invoices, based on the printing volumes. Unigrafia will charge the costs of desktop printers and small multifunction devices from the departments as based on the printing volumes. With the Desktop printers and small multifunction device’s the Monthly fees will remain as normal but with the user based charging the monthly fees removed.

The change is cost-neutral on Aalto level.

Benefits of the change

With this change, Aalto University seeks device pool optimization and to lessen the workload that comes from processing the invoices. With longer period, this change will enable cost savings from the printing and decreases the printing volumes, which strongly supports sustainable development goals in Aalto University. New multifunction device purchases deliberately. Cost effective print volume with a multifunction device is at least 50 000 pages / year.

Prices from 1 April 2017

Aalto Printing                                                                         NEW MODEL (1 April 2017)

A3 multifunction device BW                                                     0,032 €

A3 multifunction device Color                                                  0,106 €

Printer/small multifunction device BW                                      0,032 €

Printer/small multifunction device Color                                   0,106 €

A3 multifunction device monthly fee                                           0 €

Small multifunction device monthly fee                                     30 €

Printer monthly-fee                                                                   15 €

(Removing the monthly fee rises the costs per page)

More information:
Antti Laari, [email protected]

Jouni Komulainen, [email protected]

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