Call for Education Proposals 2021 (EIT Manufacturing)

Education focuses on humans: engage, connect and empower them to become the backbone of a strong European Manufacturing Innovation Community; a propserous and inclusive society.
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For “Training for Professionals and Executives” we recommend to

  • Base your proposal on an analyses of market (demand and offer side)
  • Plan for reproducibiity and scalability
  • Embed innovation and entreprenuership concepts
  • Consider exploiting nuggets, GLP, T&LFs

For proposals on “Teaching and Learning Factories” we recommend to:

  • elaborate models for further extending the collaboration
  • develop business models and contribution to FS

For proposals in the segment “Guided Learning Platform” we recommend to:

  • base your proposalon a sound state of the art of existing related initiatives;

For proposals in the segment “Programs to engage Society and Pupils” we recommend to:

  • leverage existiong networks and initiatives
  • plan for the scalability of the activity,
  • carefully evaluate the cost per individual target
  • envision possible ways for supporting a wide outreach.
Programme Description Partnership Duration KAVA budget Target group
Professionals and Executives Training prepared & delivered to professionals and executives (includes GLP, T&LFs) Min. 3 partners from at least 2 different CLCs.
Network partners
1 year 3-4 M€ for the whole program Companies for upskilling/ re-skilling executives and workforce
Individuals for Long Life Learning
Guided Learning Platform (GLP) Skills observatory and competencies framework Min. 3 partners from at least 2 different CLCs.
Possible involvement of Network Partners

1 year

Potential extension to following years

400 K€ max for the whole program Industry to detect skill needs
GLP, T&LFs, education to propose and sell content and courses
Teaching & Learning Factories (T&LFs) Continuation of multi-annual activities started in 2020 . No new proposals can be accepted. existing teams 1 year max 400 K€ max for the whole program Companies, professionals, executives or students
Summer schools/Short Masters Courses up to 60 credits incorporating innovation, entrepreneurship, advanced studies in mfgt (includes GLP, T&LFs) Min. 3 partners from at least 2 different CLCs.

1 year

Potential extension to following years

1-3 M€ for the whole program Students, individuals in Long Life Learning
Programs to engage Society and Pupils Engage pupils and youngster Min. 2 partners from at least 2 different CLCs

1 year

Potential extension to following years

600k€ max for the whole program Pupils, Young people, girls
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