Best Student Paper Award to the Matthew Morency

He has received the Award at IEEE CAMSAP 2015, IEEE International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing.

M.Sc. (Tech.) Matthew Morency has won the first price Best Student Paper Award. He has received the Award at IEEE CAMSAP 2015, IEEE International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing. The Conference was arranged 13th to 16th December in Cancun, Mexico.

The paper is titled ''An Algebraic Approach to Rank-Constrained Beamforming.'' The paper presents a new approach to an important class of optimization problems in signal processing: rank constrained semidefinite programs. The approach uses concepts from modern and classical algebra to reinterpret the rank constraint in such a way that the resulting problem is easily solved.

– Best Student Paper competition is typically exceptionally hard and competitive with absolutely top-level attendance. In this year competition, there were finalists for example from UC Berkley, Stanford. This was really great achievement for Matthew, professor Sergiy Vorobyov from the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics says.

Competition has been the spot of high attention for years. The 12 finalists presented their papers, which were based on review grades, in a special poster session. Committee consist of 5 to 10 top experts in the field.

– Every finalist who was nominated deserved the recognition, and I feel extremely fortunate to have won given the quality of the competition, Matthew Morency says.

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