Association of Business Students calls up alumni

Alumni from the School of Business were told about the Homecoming Day in August, and the university’s fundraising on the telephone.
Alumni from the School of Business were told about the Homecoming Day in August, and the university’s fundraising on the telephone.

The School of Business and KY Aalto University Business Students organised an evening phone bank to call alumni and tell them about the School’s latest news.

The calls were made by members of the association’s committees, members of the Board as well as by the School of Business’ alumnus of the year, Riku Asikainen. The Dean of the School of Business, Ingmar Björkman, was also there for the whole evening to support the students.

Mr Asikainen, a serial entrepreneur, gave his own hints to the students on how to make the calls. He encouraged the alumni to make donations by doubling all the alumni donations made during the telephone campaign; there were well over 20 donations made.

Studying at the School of Business and involvement with KY gave the callers and the alumni common ground. The students chatted with the previous students of the School of Business who, during their studies had been on the Board of KY or had worked for the association. In addition, they made contact with other active alumni. Almost 30 students made over 450 telephone calls during the course of the evening.

Most of the alumni were extremely pleased to get a call from their alma mater.  ‘It was fun and easy to make the calls when they were so positively received. It is clear that being an alumnus of the School of Business still means a lot to them’, commented Saska Karsi, one of the students who had called the alumni.

‘A big thank you from the school to all of our students who made the calls and talked with our alumni. All this support means an awful lot to us as together we create ever an ever-closer association between our alumni, students and the school’, said Ingmar Björkman. 

The School of Business and KY Aalto University Business Students organised the evening on Tuesday 24 May in the KY building. In addition, Aalto University’s fund raising team organised their own telephone campaign on Monday 23rMay, when students from various programmes made 550 calls to former Aalto University students.

A warm welcome for our alumni to the Homecoming Day -alumni day (  

Aalto University’s fundraising campaign is underway, support business studies:

School of Business’ fundraising web pages (


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Siiri Salli, School of Business, External Relations
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