Apply funding for pilot projects in digitalisation of the built environment and construction – key project call open

The first call for pilot projects in digitalisation of the built environment and construction is open.

The deadline for the call is on 24 November 2016.

KIRA-digi offers funding for pilot projects, which contribute to the digitalisation of the built environment and construction. The aim of the pilot projects is to

  1. facilitate change in regard to the sector's operating methods,
  2. enable the testing of and experimentation related to various models and development paths, and
  3. apply standard solutions in practice.

The pilot projects must implement one of the following five themes:

  1. Information: Experimental projects that have to do with new life cycle opportunities and the removal of obstacles related to opening, providing access to, refining or utilising information through linking data or opening data, for example.
  2. Services: Pilot projects that have to do with increasing customer value and streamlining processes in the sector's ecosystems with the help of new and existing digital services.
  3. Standardisation: Experimental projects that have to do with the life cycle opportunities offered by compatible standards, information models, lexicons, nomenclatures or task lists in the development of processes, methods, services and products, for example.
  4. Internet of Things (IoT): Innovative experimental projects that combine life cycle stages, devices, movement, information sources, virtual reality and service solutions, for example, in new ways.
  5. Operating model: Experimental projects that shake up life cycle operating models and seek new solutions and practices, using the means and principles of the digital age.

KIRA-digi grants 2 M€ of funding in total per year and the maximum funding per project has not been restricted. Costs that are generated between 15 November 2016 and 30 January 2019 are eligible for funding. The maximum amount of funding granted to pilot projects is 40 % of the project’s eligible costs. Please contact your department’s controller well in advance to prepare the budget, and contact also the research liaison officer of your school if you are planning to apply.

The deadline for the next call is 15 February 2017.

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