AllWell? study well-being survey in February

The student well-being survey AllWell? is once again being offered to second-year bachelor’s and first-year master’s students, from 1 to 16 February 2018.

When first conducted last spring, the survey showed that Aalto students are keenly interested in their fields. However, 20% of the students were also at risk of burnout, compared to 10% at the national level. The results have been discussed throughout the university as a whole and remedial measures have begun.

To make the best comprehensive use of the results, it is important that as many students as possible in the target group take part in the survey. Students who participate will in turn receive personal feedback on their own strengths as well as tips for developing their study skills and well-being.

The AllWell? survey is part of the Success of Students initiative, an Aalto strategic development project for 2016–2020. The project seeks to enhance student well-being by developing study advising, teaching, study skills and student services.

Information for students about the survey has been distributed through school contact persons, Into and MyCourses. The student union (AYY) has helped spread the word through social media channels, and information has also been presented in individual courses.

Additional information on the survey and the Success of Students project

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