ACTOR Streamlines construction with automation and AI - Video

The ACTOR webinar on March 27, 2024, discussed how real-time situational awareness is made possible by robotics, sensors, AI, machine learning, extended reality, and standardized data. The company partners of ACTOR showcased the techologies developed during the project.
Streamlining Construction with AI

ACTOR is a research project that aims at solving critical construction problems with real-time situational awareness. A trustworthy situation picture is a prerequisite for effective planning, task management, and logistics. Productivity improvements also have a direct impact on a construction project's carbon emissions.

The March 27, 2024 ACTOR webinar discussed how robotics, sensors, AI, machine learning, extended reality, and standardized data make real-time situational awareness possible. ACTOR's company partners showcased the technologies developed during the project.

The agenda:

  1. Introduction - Olli Seppänen, Aalto University
  2. Automating material management - Ari Viitanen, Carinafour
  3. Data-driven optimization - Ulla Tikkanen, KONE
  4. Robotized data capture - Kim Nyberg, Trimble
  5. Digital twin of a project - Tomi Pitkäranta, Flow Technologies

To learn more about the project, visit and the project’s LinkedIn page at

ACTOR is supported by Business Finland’s Low Carbon Built Environment Program, which receives funding from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility.

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Automatic Coordination of Construction Actors (ACTOR)

ACTOR is a Finnish R&D project aimed at increasing the productivity of construction and decrease its carbon emissions through process automation.

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