ACRIS update: a lot of new content and features!

ACRIS contains comprehensive and current information about Aalto University publications, research, merits and activities.

Compiling the information in a single location benefits the researcher and serves the Department, University, funders and others that are monitoring and evaluating activities.

-          “ACRIS contains comprehensive and current information about Aalto University publications, research, merits and activities. The information is vital for assessments, monitoring activities and for reporting to the ministry. ACRIS provides also public view via pages, says Aalto University Vice President Tuija Pulkkinen.

Activities (expert tasks, visits and public talks)

During the spring we migrated to a new activities model. The migration introduced e.g. 1) a new content types for Prizes, which enable to capture recognition within your professional field. 2) Press / Media type was introduced for capturing press activities from professional activity. The prizes and press activities showcase societal impact consistently and efficiently. Furthermore, you can now change activity type with Change Template –function. Activities were migrated from old classes to new ones and data quality was improved.

RAI (Research, Art and Impact)

During the summer holiday, four trainees enhanced the activities of professors in the system, based on the information of their CVs. Today we have registered close to 59 000 activities, which helps stakeholders to understand where and how we operate and create impact.

Recorded activities are the source for RAI (Research, Art and Impact) assessment reports and summaries.

Every research active person has a profile page, where publications and activities are stored and kept up-to-date ( ). This information serves the interest of individual researcher, department and research groups. 


Publications are the most important content of ACRIS system. Today over 102 000 records are stored in the system. Publication data is used for ministry reporting, forming and feeding publication lists for school, department and group pages. Data is accessible either via REST –interface or via implementation.

Learning center imports weekly the publication information from international reference databases (Web of Science and Scopus). These publications represents approximately 60 % of Aalto’s yearly volume. Naturally remaining publications, which are not available online from reference databases, are stored by researchers. Those publications consists mainly of conference publications, books and chapters in the book.

Open access publishing

Open publishing is easy. ACRIS system is integrated to aaltodoc publication database. At minimum, researcher attaches an approved manuscript to ACRIS. Learning center ensures on behalf of the researcher that article can be published openly.

Public view of ACRIS information is accessible via Researcher and units can indicate the research interests and link the publications to infrastructures, projects, data sets and research groups.

Development roadmap

ACRIS supports research data either via metadata or storing data sets to the system. Aalto University has founded a data-agent network. This network and personnel in the Learning Services (former Library) help with the questions.

Research project data is imported from Aalto’s finance systems. Some of the projects will be opened for public during the fall 2017. You can start to enhance the description data and build relations to publications and infrastructures already now.

During October 2017 publication and infrastructure models are updated to new ones.

Training and support available

Familiarise yourself to the functionalities via support pages ( or contact [email protected] .

We are happy to visit your unit should you require training!

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