ACRIS data used for reporting to Ministry of Education

It is time to start collecting data for the Ministry of Education reporting.

This year is the first year that the data is collected through the new research information system, ACRIS (

The Ministry of Education financing (up to 13%) depends on the number and quality of our publications. Thus, it is imperative that all relevant research results are available in the ACRIS database. Please make sure that your own data is up to date.

In the future, the data in ACRIS is used also in Aalto’s internal evaluations, for example, in tenure and promotion reviews. It’s thus worth your while to keep your profile updated concerning all your activities.

Data needed for reporting purposes and how you can add data in ACRIS:

1.     Publications and artistic outputs (Add new -> Research output)
2.     Visits abroad (Add new -> Activity -> External academic engagement -> Visit abroad)
3.     Visits to Aalto University by foreign researchers and teachers (Add new -> Activity -> External academic engagement -> Hosting a visitor)
4.     Research and art awards (Add new -> Activity -> Awards)
5.     International conferences organized in Finland (Add new -> Activity -> Conference participation

Read more:
ACRIShelp wiki
Short instructions for submitting data in ACRIS (pdf)
ACRIS reporting requirements (pdf)


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