Aalto’s report on strategy implementation delivered to the ministry

Aalto University has produced a report Implementing Strategy 2018 and delivered it to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The report covers the core activities of Aalto, the realisation of goals, and other key activities that are central from the point of view of implementing a strategy, which are mentioned in the agreement between the ministry and Aalto.

According to the report a goal-oriented execution of strategy has brought significant results. Aalto University has an internationally unique profile that supports the emergence of innovations in combining the arts, economics, and technology. Aalto is a leading university on the national level, and is internationally competitive in the natural sciences, technology, business and economics, and arts and design. Aalto has been placed among the world's leading universities in its key areas in comparisons made by the most important international ranking organisations.  Aalto’s researchers succeed very well in the international competition of research funding and its artistic activities are appreciated and recognised worldwide.  Students have access to education based on research and artistic activity. Aalto’s impact in the society is boosted by our education, which stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as collaboration with companies, educational institutions and research institutes.

The Implementing Strategy 2018 report is part of guidance coming from the Ministry of Education and Culture and its form is defined by an agreement reached with the ministry for the 2017–2020 period. Universities hold negotiations with the ministry at the beginning of each four-year agreement period to set the strategic and quantitative goals as well as the follow-up and evaluation of their implementation.

In addition to the report on strategy implementation, Finnish universities report on their activities to the Ministry of Education and Culture in their annual board reports and financial statement.


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