Aalto University’s AV environment modernizes

The AV upgrade of Aalto’s lecture halls, seminar and conference rooms started in May 2017.

The project is part of Aalto’s digitalization program (JSI, Joint Strategic Initiatives) to digitalize a wide variety of Aalto University’s services and processes. This renewal of the AV environment directs to persistent and continuous development.

First phase of the upgrade is to build a solid foundation to support easy-to-use, standardized, up-to-date system environments to meet upcoming demands for digitalization. However, ready-made upgrades are not necessarily visible to the users right away. Today there are up to 30 systems modernized and upgrade work will continue thru semester with approximately ten more lecture spaces. The project is managed by ITS’ AV solution specialists Lasse West, Peter Simontschuk and Janne Lummaa.

One of the main principles for upgrade project is to standardize AV systems’ usability and operational reliability. Current AV equipment is based on mainly five to ten years old technologies and solutions which varies a lot in the field. This has caused a lot of annoyance to users and required extra work from AV support.

The project started by defining the standardized AV solution concept and the order of renewal of AV equipment in the premises. In teaching and conference rooms with AV solutions already up-to-date AV interfaces have been harmonized with others.

The AV upgrade project utilizes a common presentation technology procurement agreement:

  • Standardized device catalogue with reasonable equipment and life-cycles
  • One manufacturer for one product group
  • Unambiguous procurement channel
  • Securing and maintaining usability
  • Technical support services outsourced for on-demand needs
  • Faster response for errors and improved failure recovery ability
  • Improved service and Installation services
  • Support for standards and on premises technology concepts

The acquired equipment is of high light and sound quality and in order to ensure versatility, there are solutions with movable monitors. In addition, upgraded projectors are based on laser technology which ensure faster start up and shut down and require less maintenance.

In the near future upgraded system environments will bring handy functions for users. For example, easy access lecture recording abilities and wireless presentation and collaboration solutions will be in the scope as well as enhanced BYOD support. Within the upgrade there are also goals for higher level of automation to enable hands-free usage of AV system. With upcoming buildings such as Väre, AV systems will utilize a part of building automation e.g. presence sensing for controlling AV systems.

Aalto IT Services AV

Take a look at other ongoing projects. Login is done using the Aalto username and password. When a user is on the Aalto network, login is automatically done.
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