Aalto University strategy for 2016–2020 updated

Promoting an innovation-driven society by combining knowledge from different disciplines.

Aalto University's strategy for 2016–2020 has been updated. With its vision of ‘An innovative society’, the university’s mission can be summed up as 'Shaping the future: Science and art together with technology and business.'

- It has been great to experience how the Aalto community has taken in our original idea to build an innovation-driven society by combining knowledge from different disciplines. Our updated strategy puts into words this joint activity for the coming years, said Aalto University President Tuula Teeri.

The three elements of the strategy are research and innovation, art and creative practices, and education. These core elements will be manifested in four dimensions: research and artistic excellence, multidisciplinary collaboration, a culture of entrepreneurship and tangible societal impact. Passion, courage, freedom, responsibility and integrity will continue to serve as the strategy's strong value base.

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