Aalto University ranked 60th in Computer Science

Also business and economics and space sciences reached the top 100 list in the US News' global ranking.

Aalto University improved its position in several areas of the Best Global Universities Ranking published by US News. In computer science field, Aalto University rose to position 60 from the previous year's 83rd position. The fields of economics and business and space science were also among the top 100 in the world. In engineering Aalto's ranking was 136, and in materials science it was 130. In these subject rankings, the placement was the best among Finland's universities.

In the general rankings, Aalto University reached the position 286, an improvement from the previous year's 352.

US News global ranking is based on data obtained via Thomson Reuters' Web of Science and InCities analysis tools. The measurements were based, among other things, on research publications and citations as well as reputation and international collaboration. There were slight changes in the methodology compared to last year. In the general rankings, 1000 universities are globally compared; in subject rankings the number varies.

Depending on the way calculated, there are between 17 000 and 22 000 universities in the world. Aalto University is specialised in technology, business and arts. The most relevant rankings are the field- or subject-specific ones: they are better than general rankings in describing the university's area of activity.

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