Aalto University Magazine 11 published

The latest Aalto Magazine examines how the university is implementing its statutory task to “educate students to serve the nation and humanity.”

The theme is pondered by Professor Martti Raevaara, who says that, at its best, learning involves a shared journey, which is based on enriching interaction and cooperation between teachers and students.

E-teaching expert, Professor Teemu Leinonen thinks our concept of knowledge will change once everyone has constant access to it, enabling talk of knowledge building, project learning or problem-focused learning.

This issue's main article considers how university graduates can keep up with the rapid change of working life. Answers will be provided by Pii Kotilainen, Ilkka Kivimäki and Hanna Kokko, Aalto alumni who have been successful in their own careers.

Professor Kalevi Ekman talks about the development of the Design Factory, which he captains, as well as of how students and their learning form the focal point of its activities.

In the section Who we meet President & CEO Pekka Lundmark, who is steering Konecranes into the era of the industrial Internet.

A report opens the door into Näytös, the fashion show by Aalto clothing design students, and recounts how it started its ascent to become a point of interest for the international fashion markets.

A column by Aalto University Board member, Museum Director Susanna Pettersson of Ateneum Art Museum, notes that universities are the most natural place for developing an ability to think. “But providing just a framework for thinking will not work wonders by itself. It needs to be coupled with the right attitude and resources – as well as sufficient time and freedom for researchers.”

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