Aalto University Bioinnovation Center opens a call for five doctoral candidate positions  

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center is looking for talented and exceptionally motivated students that are eager to pursue their doctoral studies in a multidisciplinary environment aiming at biobased material innovation. Students with any background that fits to one (or more) of the five projects described below are encouraged to submit their application.  
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Doctoral school 

The Bioinnovation Center is establishing a Doctoral School (DS) which will be a unique multidisciplinary program combining the fields of chemistry, biomaterial sciences, automation technology, design, digital production, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and business skills. The doctoral school will be a thematic school for doctoral students coordinated by the Bioinnovation Center. Through this holistic program talented prospects will become experts with a multidisciplinary skillset and focused, forward-looking mindset to develop solutions for current and future challenges encountered on the path towards a sustainable society based on renewable materials and circular economy. 

The DS will organize joint cross-disciplinary courses, workshops, and seminars. The doctoral students will belong to and graduate from the doctoral programmes of their own assigned Aalto University School (CHEM, ELEC, ENG, ARTS, or SCI). The Bioinnovation Center Doctoral school’s interdisciplinary research projects will aim at innovations in line with the main themes of the Center: sustainable textiles and/or packaging.  

The Bioinnovation Center is now opening a call for doctoral students for 5 positions (4 years each):

  1. Doctoral candidate in the field of Engineering Mechanics, Mathematics or Visual Communication Design
    Project topic: “Cellulose-based spatial origami metamaterials and structures for sustainable and versatile packaging solutions”
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  2. Doctoral candidate for the interdisciplinary project “AI-guided biohybrid assembly platform for e-textiles” 
    Project topic: “AI-guided biohybrid assembly platform for e-textiles” 
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  3. Doctoral candidate in the field of Bioproduct technology 
    Project topic: “Coatings of Lignin Spheres for Packaging/Textiles” 
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  4. Doctoral candidate in the field of Design, especially textile design 
    Project topic: “Computational fabric” 
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  5. Doctoral candidate in the field of Biobased substrates and printed electronics
    Project topic: “Sustainable Intelligent Packaging Solutions” 
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If you want to join the Bioinnovation Center community, please submit your application through our recruitment system by December 28th, 2021 (see links above). For specific questions about the doctoral candidate positions, requirements and research projects, please see professors’ contact information in the job descriptions considering each project/position (links above).

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Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation granted Aalto University EUR 10.5 million to establish a bioinnovation centre

Bioinnovation Center’s research will focus on sustainable textiles and packaging | Aalto University

Bioinnovation Center  

Through a unique EUR 10.5 million grant from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation Aalto University is establishing a Bioinnovation Center with the aim to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and bioeconomy, and to create opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Finland. Solving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges of sustainable product development based on renewable materials requires a multidisciplinary expertise and holistic understanding of the bioinnovation concept in the context of circular economy. Aalto University is setting up an interdisciplinary doctoral school using the viewpoints of technology, design and business to address these challenges. The Bioinnovation Center will be a multi- and interdisciplinary research and learning center to provide Finland and the world with the most recent research knowledge in its field. In addition, top-class experts as well as product and service concepts that combine innovative design and technology with business modelling in a sustainable manner will be provided. 

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