Aalto Space now includes also T-building and Maarintie 8

The pilot version of the Aalto Space mobile application was released one year ago, and it is now being used in four facilities on the Otaniemi campus.

In addition to the main building (Otakaari 1) and the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, the app can now also be used for the T-building and Maarintie 8.  With Aalto Space you can see the booking status of the facilities in the building, and quickly and easily book places in the available facilities for your own use. The navigation in buildings helps finding e.g. lecture halls and meeting rooms.

Over 5600 persons have downloaded the Aalto Space app for their use.  The application can be used in Android and iOS devices, as well as in browsers with e.g. Windows Phone.

“We have been continuously collecting feedback from Aalto Space users and developing the product based on this feedback. The use of the app should be as easy as possible”, says  Satu Kankaala, Head of Workplaces and Sustainability in Aalto CRE campus services.

One of the new features is that a space can be booked by reading the QR code available the space, another is that room search has been developed to a more advanced level. You can give feedback on individual facilities, and book small group work spaces entirely for your own use.  In addition to bookings of facilities, the Aalto Space app still includes functions for searching facilities, navigating in buildings and receiving emergency communications. We are still looking for new ways to broaden and utilise the application.

For further information, please contact:

Satu Kankaala, Head of Workplaces and Sustainability, Aalto CRE
Tel. 0400 535 919, [email protected]

Aalto Space application is available from AppStore and GooglePlay. Downloading instructions:

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