Aalto Open will support IPv6!

Aalto Open supports soon IPv6 protocol (Internet Protocol Version 6).

IPv6 is the newest version of Internet's base protocol and it resolves many challenges of current IPv4 protocol, for example the lack of adresses. The change will be implemented on 28th February 2017 from 7am to 8am and users may notice small interruptions of network operation.

You can continue using Aalto Open also with IPv4 to make the transformation smooth. The device will choose automatically which protocol is the best to use in different cases. The user should not see any difference.

An advanced user may use Aalto Open now as a tool to test IPv6 based services. The network allocates for the user a global IPv6 address which can be used to connect to all publicly available IPv6 services on the internet.

Aalto ITS is also developing its LAN to be IPv6 compatible soon.

More information: [email protected]

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