Aalto in 2023: The most water-repellent surface ever, breakthroughs in space, feeling the love and more

This year has been another feast of science and art at Aalto University
X-ray of hand with fingers making OK sign

Astronomers image a black hole’s shadow and powerful jet together for the first time

Aalto’s Metsähovi Radio Observatory took part in capturing the new image.

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Supercomputer simulations provide a better picture of the Sun’s magnetic field

The new findings challenge the conventional understanding of solar dynamics and could improve predictions of solar weather in the future.

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Researchers create the most water-repellent surface ever

Revised method to create hydrophobic surfaces has implications for any technology where water meets a solid surface, from optics and microfluidics to cooking.

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Havainnekuva, jossa pisaroita epätasaisella pinnalla.

Transparent wood-based coating doesn’t fog up

Coatings made from a wood by-product can keep our glasses and windshields clear.

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Pinnoitenäytteitä puualustalla.

The world’s lightest revolution

Green hydrogen promises to turn Europe into an energy heavyweight, make traffic emission-free and replace carbon in steel manufacturing. But can it actually deliver – and how?

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Time out! Rethinking Construction

Over one third of global carbon emissions are associated with the construction of the built environment. Construction is adversely affecting the climate, ecosystems, humans and non-humans every day. We’re now inviting architects, designers, engineers, material manufacturers, construction companies, policy makers and everyone living in the built environment to rethink our entire approach. 

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Rakennustyömaan nostureita, joiden yläpuolella lentää lintuja, päällä teksti Time out.

Let’s end fast fashion — and favour resilience over efficiency in all industries

Focusing on short-term profit isn’t sustainable, says Professor of Sustainability Management Minna Halme. So what can we do to move in the right direction?

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Professor Minna Halme. Photographer: Veera Konsti.

Five things decision-makers should know about feeding the planet

Food prices have risen rapidly across much of the world in the past two years, with major political and economic consequences. With climate change threatening even greater disruptions, how can we adjust our food production systems to prevent future crises and reduce food inequality? Here’s some guidance from a team of food system experts.

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Kasvihuoneen kastelujärjestelmä

AI is transforming healthcare: 5 things to know

From automated diagnoses to smart devices for monitoring health, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly changing how healthcare is delivered. We asked two Aalto University experts about how AI is impacting healthcare services, the reliability and underlying mechanics of automated medicine, and why appropriate regulation and continuous validation of these technologies is vital.

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Röntgenkuva, jossa sormet näyttävät ok-merkkiä.

Playing with the music of the brain

Common neurological disorders like depression and chronic pain can be challenging to treat with conventional methods. An automated version of a long-used brain stimulation technique holds real promise as a reliable and effective drug-free alternative.

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a man sitting in a magnetic stimulation machine

How to see trees and plants in a whole new light

A hyperspectral snapshot captures all the light in a scene, not just colours or infrared light. The extra information is useful in many applications, from agriculture and conservation to forensics and food safety.

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Hyperspektrikuvaa metsästä yläpuolelta katsottuna.

The path of least resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is causing a silent, stealthy pandemic – and the pipeline of new antibiotics is dwindling. The good news is that researchers are turning to other ways to fight bacteria, by targeting the very weapons they deploy during an infection.

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Billions of individuals depend on security protocols crafted by Professor Emerita Kaisa Nyberg

Kaisa Nyberg's career has taken her from radio encryption algorithms to international standardisation work and finally to professor at Aalto University.

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Professori Kaisa Nyberg istuu isolla tuolilla Aalto-yliopiston tietotekniikan talossa, tasutalla on viherkasveja

A deep dive into radical creativity

Can we make creative thinking and culture visible through cinema?

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Where do we feel love?

New research sheds light on where and how we feel different kinds of love.

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Havainnekuva kehoista, joissa eri rakkauden lajit näkyvät eri voimakkuuksilla.

Albert Devasagayam Francis: We are bringing community gardening and beekeeping together

In the ‘Walk in my shoes’ interview, doctoral researcher of fusion plasma turbulence and Aalto beekeeper Albert Devasagayam Francis says that his main motivations are to realize nuclear fusion as a clean energy source and build communities around gardening and beekeeping. He started beekeeping at Aalto because bees are one of the key elements in maintaining balance in nature.

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Albert Devasagayam Francis, photo by Susanna Oksanen

Walk in my shoes

If you would like to share your story for the Walk in My Shoes series, please contact Tiina Aulanko-Jokirinne. Walk in my shoes is part of the Aalto Cultural Development project led by Carita Pihlman.

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Walk in my shoes, illustration by Anna Muchenikova.
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People at the campus
Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

Aalto University to host CESAER Task Force Openness of Science and Technology

Aalto University is proud to host the CESAER Task Force Openness of Science and Technology on 16–17 April 2024.
Otaniemi seafront pictured in the summer with the Aalto logo and event title, and VTT and Open Science logos overlayed.
Campus, Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2024 will be hosted by Aalto University

Aalto University is co-organising the Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2024 with the National Coordination of Open Science and Research, and VTT.
Two hexagonal arrays of prisms with a blue lattice inbetween.
Research & Art Published:

New quantum entangled material could pave way for ultrathin quantum technologies

Researchers reveal the microscopic nature of the quantum entangled state of a new monolayer van der Waals material
Eemeli Mölsä being promoted as doctor
Cooperation, University Published:

Doctoral level expertise is needed as ABB is engineering the energy transition

Joint doctoral research projects between Aalto University and ABB are training scientists to develop the cutting-edge products needed in the future.