A Europe-first hybrid between quantum computer and supercomputer now open for research use

VTT, CSC, and Aalto University have connected CSC’s LUMI supercomputer with VTT’s HELMI – a 5-qubit quantum computer. The result is the most powerful quantum-assisted supercomputing infrastructure in the world, capable of new science that combines the immense computing power of both quantum- and supercomputers. Researchers from Finnish universities and research organisations can now use the hybrid device.
VTT's and IQM's HELMI quantum computer in its laboratory.
VTT's and IQM's HELMI quantum computer boasts 5 qubits of computational power, with future increases planned. Photo: VTT.

VTT, CSC, and Aalto University have linked the LUMI supercomputer in CSC’s datafarm in Kajaani with VTT’s HELMI quantum computer in Otaniemi's Micronova building, which is part of the OtaNano research infrastructure on the Aalto campus. The work was done as part of the Finnish Quantum-Computing Infrastructure (FiQCI). The pairing of LUMI and HELMI, referred to as hybrid computing, is an increase in the computational power of both and offers researchers the unique opportunity to conduct entirely new science on it.

Making quantum computing and quantum algorithms more available for all researchers, the HELMI-LUMI hybrid is an example of the proliferation of quantum technologies, with benefits not just in science, but domains such as education and outreach.

The hybrid infrastructure is now piloting a call, where researchers from Finnish universities and research organisations, including Aalto, can apply to use it. The aim is to introduce the hybrid to a wide audience and get researchers to experiment with it. The call is expected to last three months starting from November 1, 2022.

More information and instructions on how to book time with the LUMI-HELMI-hybrid can be found on the FiQCI site.

Kvanttibitit. Kuva: Jan Goetz.


OtaNano is Finland's national research infrastructure for micro-, nano-, and quantum technologies

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