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Registration is open for Period V UWAS courses!

Dear Aalto student!

University-Wide Art Studies (UWAS) registration for period V courses is open now. Don’t miss out on the unique offer of UWAS transdisciplinary methods and topics open for this Spring!

What is UWAS?

University-Wide Art Studies (UWAS) offers all Aalto students an opportunity to explore art-based practices and processes beyond disciplinary boundaries. Its course portfolio consists of carefully curated courses where art and design facilitate transdisciplinary encounters between students from various backgrounds. Rather than distributing new knowledge and skills for those who seem to lack it or abolishing disciplinary traditions, UWAS encourages Aalto students to approach the world from multiple angles and learn from each other. The instructors of UWAS courses meet high standards in pedagogy, and transdisciplinary fields of practice.

UWAS courses are not traditional courses in art and design, and previous knowledge or skills in arts are not required.

To register in SISU, you can find all UWAS-courses by writing “UWAS” in the search field.

You can register to a course even it looks full in SISU. Students are accepted to UWAS-courses not only based on the order of registration, but the final selection of students will be made based on the diversity of the students and ensuring that the different schools of Aalto are represented in the selection.

A closeup of a wire mesh and synthetic fabrics illuminated by violet and green led lights.
Material experiments in UWAS courses. Detail of a project from a student exhibition, 2018.
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