Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Studies at Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Radio astronomy is part of the Space Science and Technology major of the Master's programme in Nano and Radio Sciences. We also offer topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses and supervise doctoral candidates.
The Sun's path on the sky during the year, as seen by the 1.8-metre solar radio telescope at the Metsähovi Radio Observatory.

We give hands-on education on radio astronomy also to students from other universities, and teach in LUMA courses. In addition we give lectures, for example, at amateur astronomy club seminars.

Courses given by Metsähovi staff

Student theses

Metsähovi staff supervise and instruct all kinds of student theses from a wide variety of fields, from mechatronics to software engineering and photography to machine learning. Cross- and multidisciplinary student projects often involve supervising professor from an applicable field, and an instructor from Metsähovi.

If you are interested in applying the tools and skills of your own field in an astronomical project, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to discuss how the project could be realised!

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