Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Metsähovi people

Metsähovi radio observatory hosts people from several units within Aalto University, as well as other universities. Here are listed the contact information for people working at Metsähovi, including the observatory staff as well as researchers employed by other departments and universities.

Main contacts

People working at Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Below is an alphabetical list of all individuals working in Metsähovi Radio Observatory, regardless of their home unit or university. Under the list you can find links to personal profiles of many people, with further information (email, publications, etc.)

The last column indicates if the person is officially employed by another institute; in these cases, the person has a double affiliation:

  • ELE is the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering, Aalto University,
  • FINCA is the Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO - FINCA, University of Turku

Notice that the phone numbers are all landline numbers (no mobile phones are allowed near observatory), and only the two last digits change.

Name Position Landline phone (Country: +358) Responsibilities / area Institute
Juha Aatrokoski M.Sc. (tech.), Operations engineer 029 442 48 35   Tech: IT  
Bela Dixit M.Sc. (tech.), Project engineer 029 442 48 59 Backend development FINCA
Shashikant Gupta M.Sc. (tech.), Doctoral candidate   AGN science  
Kjetil Holmberg Workshop master 029 442 48 34 Tech: Mechanics  
Talvikki Hovatta D.Sc. (tech.), Academy research fellow   AGN science, VLBI Science FINCA
Anne Lähteenmäki D.Sc. (tech.), professor 029 442 48 47 AGN science, teaching ELE
Christian Malino Operations engineer 029 442 48 37 Tech: radio-frequency equipment  
Elvira Martikainen B.Sc. (tech), research trainee   AGN science  
Derek McKay Ph.D., Research engineer 029 442 48 53 Tech: VLBI, MCA, Solar  
Lena Mielke B.Sc. (tech), research trainee   AGN science  
Ari Mujunen MSc (tech.), Laboratory engineer 029 442 48 45 Tech: IT, VLBI equipment  
Venkatessh Ramakrishnan Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher   VLBI science, AGN science FINCA
Quentin Salome Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher 029 442 48 34 AGN science FINCA
Tuomas Savolainen Docent, Senior Scientis 029 442 48 55 VLBI science, AGN science, teaching ELE
Sofia Suutarinen M.Sc. (tech.), Doctoral candidate   AGN science  
Inkeri Syrjärinne B.Sc., research assistant   AGN science Uni.Helsinki
Joni Tammi PhD, Staff scientist  029 442 48 58 Director; AGN science, teaching  
Merja Tornikoski  Docent, Senior scientist 029 442 48 48 AGN science, Solar research, teaching  
Teresa Toscano M.Sc., Doctoral candidate, visiting scientist   AGN Science  
Irene Varglund M.Sc. (tech.), Doctoral candidate 029 442 48 39 AGN science  
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