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The training covers the typical service design process and key tools. With the help of a hands-on group project, you will gain practical experience in using the methods and draw a service blueprint. You will also learn how service design connects to an organization’s business goals. After the training, you will have the understanding and ability to justify the use of service design and be able to participate in projects that utilize service design.


Teaching time:



Service management and design

Form of learning:

On-campus Online


Aalto EE




€ 3,100.00 (+VAT)

Application period:

20.9.2023 – 10.5.2024

Target group and prerequisites

The program is for service developers, marketing and business developers, and designers. It is suitable for anyone who needs basic knowledge and competence in service design.

Course description

In recent years, customer-centricity and customer experience have become focal in companies and in an organizations' development. Design tools and human-to-human design have gained a place in business development and innovation, especially in the field of services. The Palvelumuotoilu (Service Design) program responds to these needs. The participants gain a solid foundation in the approach and tools of service design. The training also strengthens your confidence to apply what you have learned in your development work.

During the program, you will first become familiar with the service design framework, the meaning of customer experience in business, and the relationship between service design and other current development methods. After that, we proceed following the double diamond process. You will get to practice the commonly used, reliable, and cost-effective methods that fit the different stages of the process, while also learning about rare methods. We also discuss the implementation of a human-centered operating model for service design in an organization. You will learn to do a Service Blueprint. Finally, we study business design as well as productization and measuring services.

The training consists of four contact days (30 hours) and video lectures and assignments to be conducted remotely (8 hours). During the training days, you will be working in small groups on a development project.

The program is run in Finnish. 

Teaching takes place at Aalto PRO's premises in Helsinki. You may also join fully or partly remotely.

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