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Introduction to hydrogen economy

The course provides the student a general understanding about the hydrogen economy and its value chain. It covers the integration of hydrogen economy to power and energy systems, the role of hydrogen in energy and power markets, the basics of hydrogen production, storing and utilisation, as well as the role of derivatives of hydrogen.


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Aalto University, FITech




5 By Aalto University (ECTS)


€ 0.00

Application period:

1.6.2023 – 5.10.2023

Target group and prerequisites

Course is suitable for people working in the fields of hydrogen economy and master students in the beginning of their studies. Prerequisites: high school mathematics and physics, or a basic engineering degree is useful.

Course description

Course contents

  • Power generation, transmission and use
  • Power markets and power balance management
  • Smart grids, sector coupling (power, heat, gas)
  • Energy storage systems
  • Hydrogen production: basic chemistry and technical solutions
  • Hydrogen storages and material questions
  • Hydrogen safety and legislation
  • The use of hydrogen
  • Derivatives of hydrogen
  • Life cycle analysis of the hydrogen solutions
  • Energy markets and global energy resources
  • Energy politics, green transition and geopolitics

Learning outcomes

The course gives basic understanding of hydrogen economy and its value chain, which is one of the corner stones in decarbonisation of industrial activities and communities.

Completion methods

Tasks and small essays made independently in Moodle. The course has a flexible schedule – the last day to start the course is 13.10.2023.

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