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ICT enabled service business and innovation

This course is a combination of theory lectures, visiting lectures from industry, and case assignments from the following themes: digitalisation, platform economy, platform strategising and trends.


Teaching time:




Form of learning:

Exam Online On-campus


Aalto University, FITech




5 By Aalto University (ECTS)


€ 0.00

Application period:

1.6.2023 – 25.9.2023

Target group and prerequisites

Basic knowledge of IT business and information systems concepts are recommended.

Course description

Course content

  • Digitalisation: A high-level view to digitalisation and servitisation of economy, industries, and companies; and critical views to digitalisation
  • Platform economy: Platforms, ecosystems, two-sided markets, network effects, and platform launch and governance
  • Platform strategising: Platform competition and opportunistic strategies
  • Trends: Changing topics and trends driving digitalisation, e.g. possibly such AI & ML, blockchains, quantum computing

Learning outcomes

After the course you

  • understand the role of ICT and software in driving digitalisation of industries and society in general.
  • can apply theoretical concepts to analyse real world cases of digital transformation.
  • are familiar with current trends that drive digitalisation.
  • are aware of the critical perspectives related to digitalisation.
  • understand digital platforms and their underpinnings, as well as platform competition and strategising.

Teaching schedule

The course will begin already in the first week of October with independent self-study modules. Lectures will begin on the 25th of October.

In period I, the teaching is online and self-paced (with few deadlines).

In period II, the lectures are on campus on Tuesdays at 16:15–18:00 and Fridays at 12:15–14:00 (24.10.–1.12.2023). The exam will be held on 14.12.2023 at 13:00–16:00 in Otaniemi.

Study methods:
– Self-study online materials and assignments: 30 h
– Classroom hours + lecture self-reflection 30 h
– Pre-readings and lecture preparation 25 h
– Assignments OR exam preparation 45 h
– Total: 130 h

Completion methods

  • Participation in lectures (around 50 % required, pass/fail)
  • Self-study online modules (pass/fail)
  • Assignments OR exam
  • Updated: