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First Time Manager

Have you just started, or are you about to start your first managerial position or a new project manager? Or are you wondering how to be a motivating and inspiring leader for your team? Are you ready to challenge yourself in the face of new responsibility and gain new insights into being a successful leader?


Teaching time:



Leadership and strategy

Form of learning:



Aalto University Lifewide Learning




1 650,00 € (+alv)

Application period:

25.4.2024 – 27.1.2025

Target group and prerequisites

The training is intended for people who will be starting in their first managerial role within a year and those who are responsible for managing individuals and teams effectively. The training has been tailored to meet the professional demands of experts from different lines of business with diverse backgrounds. You must be able to reflect on and apply the training themes in your work as a supervisor.

Course description

First Time Manager training is designed for experts who have just started a new journey as a manager for a team or individuals, are about to start in a managerial position, or are leading a project for the first time.

The program starting in September is held in Finnish, and the program starting in January will be held in English.

This program is fully remote.

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