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Advanced project-based management

This course covers the application of project management in different types of projects and in different organisations and industries. The course focuses on advanced project management approaches and methodologies in scheduling and managing time in projects, managing risk and uncertainty, buying and selling projects and subprojects, managing innovation projects, and managing stakeholders.


Teaching time:



Project management

Form of learning:



Aalto University, FITech




3 By Aalto University (ECTS)


Free of charge

Application period:

1.6.2023 – 29.8.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The course suitable for people interested in improving their knowledge in project management. Prerequisites: basic knowledge of project management and project business, for example the course Introduction to Project Management or other basic course in project management or work experience.

Course description

Course contents

  • Organising, scheduling and management of time in projects
  • Management of risk and uncertainty
  • Buying and selling of projects and subprojects
  • Innovation in projects
  • Management of projects at the firm level, and management of project and business networks & stakeholders

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student

  • can compare different project types and suggest different suitable management approaches for them
  • is able to identify contextual factors, complexities and uncertainties affecting the management of projects, project-based firms, and their networks
  • can schedule tasks and manage time, and structure the project organisation for effective time management
  • can classify risks and uncertainties, and select appropriate management approaches in different uncertain conditions
  • can select management approaches and methods that enhance innovation in projects
  • knows the process of selling and buying projects
  • can evaluate the appropriate management approaches and processes for real-life projects, project-based firms, project networks, and business networks with several stakeholders

Course material

Articles, videos and other learning material will be delivered by course personnel. All material will be free for students and available online.

Teaching schedule

  • Lectures (Zoom): on Wednesdays at 16:15–19:00.

Completion methods

  • Mandatory participation to all 6 online lecture sessions
  • 5 pre-lecture assignments
  • 10 peer-reviews
  • 5 group case assignments
  • Updated: