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Studies in the School of Engineering for exchange students

Studies in the School of Engineering for exchange students

At the School of Engineering, most of the courses offered in English are on Master's level. However, Bachelor’s degree students on the final stage of their degree can take master level courses provided that they fulfill the prerequisite skills and knowledge required for the courses.

In some cases, there may be restrictions in participation for certain courses (e.g. the amount of students can be restricted or priority given to the degree students of the school).

Above you can find a list of courses offered in English at the School of Engineering during the academic years 2022-2024. Clicking on course code will take you to the Sisu portal where you will find up-to-date course information and course descriptions.

The courses for the following academic year are updated annually in June. Thus, the learning agreement/study plan made when applying is preliminary, because it was made by using the course information from the previous academic year and you may need to change it upon arrival. You may be required to make changes upon arrival also due to overlaps in schedule or course cancellations.

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