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Studies at the School of Engineering for exchange students

Studies at the School of Engineering for exchange students

At the School of Engineering, most of the courses offered in English are on Master level. However, Bachelor’s degree students on the final stage of their degree can take master level courses provided that they fulfill the prerequisite skills and knowledge required for the courses.

In some cases, there may be restrictions in participation for certain courses (e.g. the amount of students can be restricted or priority given to degree students).

Above you can find the list of courses offered in English at the School of Engineering during the academic years 2024-2026. Download the document and open in a spreadsheet programme to see all the information. The courses have been divided into separate tabs per programme. The link in the course code will take you to the course brochure in Sisu. 

The full course descriptions are published in Sisu on 1 April 2024. The course schedules for the next academic year are updated in early June. Thus, the learning agreement/study plan made when applying is preliminary. You may need to change it upon arrival due to overlaps in schedule or course changes/cancellations. 

Instructions for selecting courses 

Making your Learning Agreement / Study plan

You should choose at least 2/3 of the courses from one programme at the School of Engineering, to be admitted to this school for exchange. This is approximately 20 credits. 

The remaining 1/3 of the courses (10 credits) can be selected from another programme at the School of Engineering, from the other three Aalto University engineering schools (School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and School of Science), from the Language Centre or from the interdisciplinary course offering. 

  • Courses in Real Estate Economics (course code REC-Exxxx) and Water and Environmental Engineering (course code WAT-Exxxx) are only available to exchange students in those programmes. 
  • Courses from School of Arts, Design and Architecture and School of Business cannot be selected, apart from the Aalto cross-school courses, University Wide Studies (UWS) and interdisciplinary courses. 
  • It’s important to plan for 30 credits when applying so that once you’re registering for the courses and make changes you will have enough credits (usually 25-30 credits). There is no upper limit to credits you can take, but 30 credits is considered full-time studying at Aalto and we do not recommend exceeding this due to course overlaps, workload and availability of spaces on courses. 
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee places on individual courses as they are subject to fulfilment of certain preconditions, availability, limitation to intake and timetabling factors. Therefore, you need to be prepared to adjust your Learning Agreement / Study plan when registering for courses. 

Checking course details 

Make sure that you have the prerequisite skills and knowledge required for the course. We will check your course choices preliminarily, but in the end you are responsible for checking the course prerequisites. 

  • How do I know if I have the background knowledge required if I haven't completed the prerequisite course(s) at Aalto?
    -> Compare the prerequisite course details to the courses you have completed in your home university. 
  • Periods I and II refer to teaching periods of the autumn term (September - December), and periods III and IV and V refer to the teaching periods of the spring term (January - June). Teaching periods include examinations during the last week of the period. 
  • Check carefully the language of instruction and the term when the course is offered (especially if you are applying for one term only). 
  • The extent of the courses is given in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. One credit corresponds to 27 hours of work, including lectures and other forms of instruction, exercises, seminars and independent work. The scope of a course varies between 1-15 credits depending on the content of the course. 

Full workload is approximately 1600 hours per academic year which equals to 60 credits, which makes it 30 credits for one term. We expect incoming exchange students to study full time while at Aalto and to pass the courses with good grades. 

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