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HYBER is the Academy of Finland's Centre of Excellence in Molecular Engineering of Biosynthetic Hybrid Materials research (2014-2019).

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Aalto University/HYBER

Who we are

We work as biological “tailors” combining four groups working on molecular self-assembly, genetic engineering of proteins, biotechnical production of engineered biomolecules, and plant cell wall materials.

Biological tailors

How we are organized




Our aim is to develop a fundamental understanding of how self-assembled multicomponent materials of the future can be designed and produced by using biological starting materials, based on plant cell wall structures and designed biological macromolecules.

Research and publications

Recent research highlights

Aalto University/HYBER Symposium

HYBER activities

HYBER bridges physical and chemical materials science as well as biology and molecular engineering. To promote interaction and communication across disciplines, HYBER organises group meetings, symposia, seminars, and workshops.

Group meetings



Olli Ikkala. Kuva: Lasse Lecklin.
Honoured Published:

Olli Ikkala receives prestigious Humboldt Research Award

Olli Ikkala will initiate a new research collaboration with Bayreuth University in Germany supported by this award. The project will combine expertise in functional and nanomaterials.
Shimmering Wood-based Structural Colour by Noora Yau. Photo Eeva Suorlahti
Cooperation, Research & Art, Studies Published:

Aalto University presents six concepts on renewable biomaterials at Dutch Design Week

CHEMARTS exhibition showcases fascinating recyclable prototypes which are toxic-free, recyclable and don't release micro-plastics.
Press releases Published:

A combination of wood fibres and spider silk could rival plastic

The unique material outperforms most of today’s synthetic and natural materials by providing high strength and stiffness, combined with increased toughness
Olli Ikkala
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

Learning from nature

In his lab, Academy Professor Olli Ikkala is catching up with evolution’s lead in the manufacture of materials. The results of his work may be of crucial significance to an energy-scarce society.

Upcoming Events




Defence of dissertation in the field of Bioproduct Technology, M.Sc.(Tech.) Wenchao Xiang

The title of the dissertation is Interfacial Stabilization of Multiphase Systems with (Ligno)cellulosic (Nano)materials and Surfactants

Recent Events

Welcome to the BioGarage Opening!

The new BioGarage at Aalto Design Factory offers students, researchers and startups the opportunity to test wild ideas and experiment freely using synthetic biology and related technologies in a GMO-lab environment.


New Silk - What can we learn from spiders?

How to produce new types of silk-like materials in the context of synthetic biology

New Silk research project

Nantech 2019

Nantech 2019 workshop at Aalto University campus


HYBER Symposium

HYBER Symposia are annual events that bring together experts from HYBER-related research areas from all around the world.

Aalto University/HYBER Symposium

European Merck Lecture 2019: Prof. Rafal Klajn

This invited lecture, hosted by Aalto Distinguished Professor Olli Ikkala, is entitled: From new dynamically self-assembling materials to chemical reactivities in confined environments


Synthetic Biology Reverse Pitch Competition Kick-Off

The first synthetic biology reverse pitch competition in Finland is launched on 20 March 2019.

Synbio Powerhouse Reverse Pitch 20.3.2019 -tapahtuman mainos

Recent PhD defences

Defence of dissertation in the field of Biotechnology, M.Sc. Alessandra Griffo

The title of the dissertation is On the Nanoscale Interactions and the Self-Assembly of Recombinant Proteins and Hybrid Nanostructures: an AFM Study

Defence of dissertation in the field of Biotechnology, M.V.Sc. Dina Mosselhy

The title of the dissertation is Silica-drug delivery systems: From prolonged drug release to wound dressings and orthopedic applications

Defence of dissertation in the field of Bioproduct Technology, M.Sc. (Food) Annamari Jukkola

The title of the dissertation is Fractionation of Milk Fat Globule Membranes in Butter Processing

Defence in the field of engineering physics, Teemu Myllymäki, M.Sc.

Learning how to be tough from naturally occurring materials

Defence of dissertation, M.Sc. Teemu Myllymäki

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Where to find us

Nanotalo building

Address: Puumiehenkuja 2
Mon-Fri 7.45-16.00

Nanotalo. Puumiehenkuja 2. Kuva / Image: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University

School of Chemical Engineering building

Address: Kemistintie 1
Mon-Thu 7.45-20.00, Fri 7.45-18.00.

Kemistintie 1 (pienempi). Kuva/Image: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University

Vuorimiehentie 1

Aalto Bioproduct Centre.
Address: Vuorimiehentie 1
Mon-Fri 8.00-15.30

Vuorimiehentie 1
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