The HiECSs Centre of Excellence

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The Centre of Excellence in High-Speed Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems (HiECSs) was launched via the Academy of Finland's Centre of Excellence Programme 2022-2029. HiECSs will establish the necessary theories and tools for renewing the understanding of high-speed electromechanical drivetrains: high-speed electrical machines and the associated machinery.

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Bubble-chart of the research aspects included
The different scientific disciplines required

Ambitious scientific objectives:

  • Renewing the high-frequency modeling of electromechanical devices
  • Enabling the design and implementation of safe and reliable high-speed drivetrains
  • Setting a new benchmark for the operational limits of next-generation electrical machines
Airplane taking of with power lines in the foreground
Short-haul aviation is already being electrified

Real-World application areas

The electrification of aviation and emerging hydrogen economy are opening new application areas for electromechanical energy conversion: propulsion motors as well as compressors and turbine generators. These applications also call for unprecedented power densities and efficiencies of the machines.

The most promising way of reaching these targets is increasing their operating speeds and frequencies, improving their material-efficiency and reducing their size and weight. Thus, high-speed, high-frequency technologies offer a sustainable solution for the future energy conversion needs.

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The HiECSs Centre of Excellence

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