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Suggest a new title for the library collections

If you feel there is something missing from the library collections of the university, please make an acquisition request.

If you feel there is something missing from our collections

Suggest a new title (available with an Aalto user-id)

We favour e-books over print books. Of all the books we acquire in our collections we always try to get the electronic version primarily. Also, acquiring an e-book is fast so that usually the book is available on the same day after we decide to purchase it.

In urgent cases

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Order items from other libraries

Send us an interlibrary loan request and let us find a library that holds what you need – anywhere in the world.

Learning Centre

Instead of this service, Aalto faculty and staff member please use these:

Contact information: Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Contact information of the Learning Centre as a whole. Our main service point is Harald Herlin Learning Centre at Otaniementie 9, Espoo.

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