Give for the future

Articles from Donor Engagement

Donations can make a difference in many ways: you can create new, improve old, develop business or advance national and international ventures.
Topi Ronkainen istuu Kauppakorkeakoulun opiskelusalissa
Give for the future

The best trip ever!

More than 60% of students at the School of Business experience an international exchange every year. The School of Business gives financial support to every one of its students going on exchange abroad. As a donor, you can do the same.
Ilmakuva Metsähovin radiotutkimusasemasta, kuva: Mikko Raskinen
Give for the future

The lure of cosmic mysteries

Astronomer Joni Tammi wants to uncover the secrets of the universe; secrets that have so far managed to elude us. However, with new advances in technology, the next major space discoveries are just around the corner.
Aalto-yliopisto A Grid / Photo: Unto Rautio
Give for the future

Inspiration to boost entrepreneurship

As many as half of the companies created in Finnish universities come from Aalto University.
Aalto innovations present at Flow Festival, photo by Samuli Pentti
Give for the future

Radical creativity sparks discoveries

An idea that may sound crazy at first can be the key to solving significant challenges. Aalto University provides a favourable environment for daring initiatives that can lead to the discovery of some genuinely novel solutions.
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