Future of Work

Fringe Areas and Silences around Work

This research project focuses on the fringe areas of working life that we have chosen to call silences.
This research project is multidiscipline, multimethod and contains multiple agencies. Data collection will be conducted using various methods e.g. ethnography, media monitoring, research interviews etc. The research collective is profiled specifically in examining margins of working life.

Some of our central research questions:

  1. What types of silences can we identify now and in the future on the individual, work place and institutional levels?
  2. What kind of new conceptualisations and ways of addressing the present issues are needed for us to be able to define the disruption and future of work? 
  3. What are the necessary actions on societal, institutional and workplace levels that would provide at least a necessary level protection for employees whilst also protecting the environment?
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Meet the researchers:

    Hertta Vuorenmaa during filming of lecture

    Hertta Vuorenmaa (Ph.D Philosophy) works as a post-doctoral researcher and Research Programme Director (Future of Work) at the Department of Management at Aalto BIZ.

    Her research focuses on HRM in public and private organizations, changing nature of work and management, digitalization, gender and examines these mainly via qualitative research methods including ethnography. 

    Picture of Markku Sippola

    Markku Sippola is a Senior University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Political Science. He is responsible for the faculty's teaching of working life and expertise.

    Markku has about 20 years of experience as a working life researcher, the topics of which are labor market relations, labor organizations, work-based immigration, the intersection of the labor market and work careers. Markku is the vice-chairman of the The Finnish Association of Work Life Research (FAWORE).

    Picture of Tuija Koivunen

    Tuija Koivunen is a social scientist. In her studies, Tuija has focused extensively on various themes of working life from the perspective of gender and other differences. Tuija has studied recruitment in several projects, the most recent of which started in September 2022 at the University of Tampere. The project focuses on employees' and organizations' experiences of job search and recruitment from the perspectives of equality and justice. Tuija acts as the responsible manager of the project.

    In the past, Tuija has researched, among other things, equality in companies' top management recruitments, outsourced recruitment and the importance of job seekers' soft skills in recruitment.

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