Ethical review of research and DPIA

A data protection impact assessment (DPIA) must be done if the planned personal data processing is likely to pose a substantial risk to research participants. This situation is likely to occur when you process large amounts of data or when you process personal data of the children or other sensitive personal data.
Kaksi henkilöä pöydän ääressä kirjojen ja kannettavien tietokoneiden kanssa.

When and how to prepare DPIA in research context

Next advice how to prepare DPIA for research. More on information on what is DPIA 

Contact Aalto data protection officer  ([email protected]) and send your DPIA form.  Note that It will take time to handle the DPIA.

More information

Anni Tuomela

Data Protection Officer and Legal Counsel
Annukka Jyrämä

Annukka Jyrämä

U901 Research Services

More information on what is DPIA (only in Finnish)

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