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When integrating the cross-cutting themes – solutions for sustainability, radical creativity and entrepreneurial mindset – into courses, the Aalto Co-educator team is here to collaborate with teachers. If you're looking for ideas, or partners, in course development, you've come to the right place!
Teachers working together to build new competencies.
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Our Process

In practice, our first goal is to collaborate with the course teaching team to identify meaningful connections between the course and the cross-cutting themes. The course serves as the foundational element for integrating the themes, and the learning goals must align with the context.

Next, we develop a framework for the learning goals related to the cross-cutting themes, drawing from sustainability pedagogy, entrepreneurship, and creativity education.

Once suitable learning goals are defined, our team is available to co-develop and experiment with course interventions, including methods, sessions, and exercises.

Some examples of our previous and ongoing collaborations:

Course School How the Aalto Co-Educator Team Helped
Tuotantoalous 1 SCI Knowledge on sustainability
Biologisten ilmiöiden mittaaminen ELEC Self-awareness and knowledge on sustainability in ethics panel
Sähköpaja ELEC Experimentation, user-centred planning, and knowledge on sustainability
Circular Economy Design Forum CHEM Interpersonal competency, user-centred planning, and knowledge on sustainability
Life Science Technologies project SCI, ELEC, CHEM Facilitation of course development for teaching team
Teollisuuden toimintaympäristöt ja prosessit CHEM Systems thinking, sustainability theme development, facilitation for teaching team

Competency Development for Teachers

In collaboration with the Aalto University Teaching Services team, we offer Sustainability in Teaching, a 3-credit pedagogical course. Contact: Meeri Karvinen for more deatils ([email protected])

We also provide teachers with focused support and practical coaching for facilitating student-teams and teacher-teams in courses, based on research at Aalto University. Contact: Tuomo Eloranta ([email protected]).

Teaching Toolkits Developed at Aalto University

Our goal is to share the best ideas and proven practices of Aalto teachers to the entire teaching community at Aalto University. Find links to such sources of ideas and toolkits developed by different actors at Aalto below.

Sustainability in Teaching

On this page you can find tips, tools and good practices for integrating sustainability into your teaching.

Environmental Engineering new flow channel in Otaniemi, with students and teaching staff

Teamwork First-Aid Kit

Teamwork First-Aid Kit gathers tools that have proved to be useful in supporting diverse teams tackling ill-defined problems and building the foundations for successful teamwork. It is a small step toward educating game-changers who can make a team more than a sum of its parts. Undeniably, teamwork skills are among the most pivotal work-life skills that younger generation entering the workforce are expected to master.

Tools for action (external link)

Free-to-use tools and methods for introducing students to an entrepreneurial way of thinking and doing.

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How to integrate sustainability and multidisciplinary problem-solving skills into curricula?

Responding to the challenges of the future, such as the sustainability crisis, requires the graduate to have knowledge of sustainability challenges, multidisciplinary problem solving skills, and the ability to apply their own in-depth knowledge of the discipline to solving these challenges.

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