Aalto Co-Educator for Students

In any education development, the students are the central stakeholders. And so, all our work is done with the ultimate goal in mind: student learning! For this reason, we've sought questions from the Aalto student community.
Students brainstorming at the Design Factory
Image: Aalto Design Factory

When tackling themes such as solutions for sustainability or radical creativity, we need to begin by asking the big questions. And who better to ask these questions? Our future decision-makers – our students.

As a starting point, we worked alongside the AYY to open a dialogue. They distributed the question 'What have you always wanted to know about sustainability, but haven't dared to ask?' amongst the student organizations. Here's what they wanted to know: https://presemo.aalto.fi/sustainabilityquestions

Next, we worked with the Radical Creativity team and invited the students to 'Ask me anything about radical creativity.' Here are their burning questions: https://presemo.aalto.fi/rcinteaching

Take a moment to explore our students' inquiries about sustainability and radical creativity.  Feel free to contribute your own thoughts as well! We use these clever and relevant questions as a data point and in our discussions with programme directors. 

Are you a student with thoughts and ideas on how we could develop our collaboration regarding the cross-cutting themes? Contact us at [email protected].

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